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You Need Help

The reality is, you have been served with a lawsuit from a creditor, debt collector or debt buyer who is attempting to collect a debt from you. Up to this point, you have likely been stressed and dealing with debt collection letters and collection calls. While it has been stressful, you have been able to handle it. But now, you have been sued and you likely need the help of an attorney. What are your rights? Do I have to answer the complaint? Can I just call them? Or better yet, can I just ignore the summons and the lawsuit? These are all good, and tough, questions that are best asked to and answered by an attorney with experience defending consumers in credit card and debt defense lawsuits.


It is OK to be scared. You have likely never been sued and don't know what is in store for you. Can they garnish my wages? What about my bank account -- is it safe to keep my money there? Who is the company that sued me -- I have never heard of them before and didn't owe them any money? These are all very legitimate questions . . . and questions that the attorneys at LeavenLaw can help you answer.

Avoid Bankruptcy

When consumer are served with a debt collection lawsuit, many times a first thought that crosses their mind is "should I file bankruptcy to stop the lawsuit and discharge the debt?" While it is true that the filing of a bankruptcy petition would stop the debt collection lawsuit that has been filed against you and, in most circumstances eliminate the debt, bankruptcy may not be necessary and in many times, with the help of the right attorney, can be avoided. The attorneys at LeavenLaw have dozens of years of experience in helping consumers defend debt collection lawsuit and come up with solutions that work.

Limited Resources

Almost all consumers who have been served with a debt collection lawsuit likely have limited resources or they would not have been in default on the debt and enduring the debt collection and likely creditor harassment that has lead up to the filing of the lawsuit. We understand that your money and time are limited and that a good value and a predictable, affordable legal fee is a must before you can even consider hiring a lawyer to defend you. For this very reason, LeavenLaw has created its Flat-Fee, Money Back Guarantee Debt Collection Defense Program to give consumers the ability to hire confident, experienced and competent counsel that will fight the creditor's lawsuit for you.

Eliminate Fee Uncertainty

When it comes to lawyers, many times the single largest complaint is that lawyers are expensive! It is hard to afford paying someone $200.00 / hour or higher to work on a matter that is already a financial burden. Things were bad before you needed to talk to a lawyer -- the last thing you want to do is make it worse by having to come up with a large retainer. In all likelihood, you cannot do it. You forget about defending the suit, or in a best case scenario you go-it-alone and defend the lawsuit without the help of a lawyer, and end up getting yourself in worse trouble. Lawyers do not have to be expensive.

Well what if you didn't have to come up with a large retainer? What if that retainer never, ever had to be replenished for legal fees? And what if the hourly rate didn't matter any more? If this were the case, then maybe consumers could afford to hire a lawyer and fight the debt collection lawsuit! The attorney at LeavenLaw have done just that: come up with a Debt Collection Defense Program that allows consumers to hire experienced fighters to not only defend your debt collection defense lawsuit and try to win (or settle the debt), but consumer advocates that will actually carefully inquire and look for consumer protection violations that give you the basis to potentially sue the creditor, debt collector or their attorneys and use this lawsuit as leverage to get the case thrown out against you, settled, or in certain circumstances, actually make them pay you money!


LeavenLaw has made it affordable to hire a lawyer to help you defend your debt collection lawsuit, beginning to end. In addition, they will sit down with you and go over your facts and circumstances, specifically looking at the allegations of the complaint, the documents that the credit card company or debt buyer is using to tell the court that you allegedly owe the money, and will ask many questions about the debt collection activities that you have experienced up through the filing of the lawsuit. Depending on the amount of money you owe and the court that you are in, your Flat-Fee could as low as $495.00!

Take Control….And Fight Back!

You have been served with a lawsuit. Your next steps is to review LeavenLaw's Flat-Fee, Money-Back Guarantee Debt Collection Defense Program to determine your attorney-fee pricing given the amount of debt you are being sued for and the court you are in: Small Claims, County or Circuit court. Then, click the image below to gather the documents and information necessary to set up your free initial consultation. Legal representation is easier and more affordable than you think . . . and not that far away!

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