A Reasonable Flat Fee . . . with a Value-Back Guarantee!

A Stressful Time

After representing financially-strapped consumers for over forty years, LeavenLaw understands the challenges a consumer faces when served with a lawsuit. First, it can be a stressful time with many questions likely running through your mind.

  • What can happen if a judgment is placed against me?
  • Can they garnish my wages?
  • Can they freeze my back account?
  • Can they contact my employer?
  • Can I settle the debt?
  • How much would it take to settle the debt?
  • Will they take payments or do I need to have a lump sum?
  • What is my spouse's name is on the account – can they still get to it?
  • Can they place a lien on my home?
  • Can they make me sell it?
  • And what about my car – is it safe?

All of these are excellent questions and ones that we would expect you to have. The good news is the attorneys at LeavenLaw have been helping consumers answer these questions for over four decades. We have literally handled thousands and thousands of cases, covering tens-if not hundreds-of thousands of questions. In short, we have the knowledge and experience to help and a game plan to get you there.

Flat Fee

Money is tight. Our potential clients do not have thousands of dollars simply sitting around, available to use to pay this debt. We understand that. We also understand that you do not want to be here and have done everything humanly possible to avoid being sued. That is why LeavenLaw has a reasonable flat fee, value-back guarantee to help those consumers who have been sued by a creditor or debt buyer in its attempts to collect a debt from you. Our flat fee is based upon the court you are in, the amount of debt allegedly owed and the (likely) amount of fight the credit card or debt buyer will advance. Our flat fee to represent you is:

$695.00 (Small Claims Court)
$895.00 (County Court)
$1,195.00 (Circuit Court)

That is it. Our Flat Fee covers all attorneys' fees you will ever have to pay out-of-pocket for defending the debt collection lawsuit filed against you. No hidden clauses. No catches. No retainers to replenish . . . EVER. Just an affordable, flat fee to have an experienced consumer lawyer in your corner fighting for you.

Value-Back Guarantee

As lawyers, we cannot guarantee results. Plain and simple. We cannot guarantee we will win your case. We cannot guarantee that we will settle your debt. We cannot guarantee the amount of savings that you will get. If any lawyer ever does guarantee you a result, get up and leave. Immediately.

What the attorneys at LeavenLaw can (and do) guarantee, however, differentiates us from our competition.

Our Guarantees to You

  • We will work hard.
  • We will work diligently.
  • We will keep you informed . . . and be accessible.
  • We will use our experience and <<systems>> to try and get you the best result possible.
  • We will give you your Flat Fee back if we do not get for you the same amount in benefit.

While we cannot guarantee you a result, we do feel confident that we can ultimately obtain a benefit for you equal to or greater than you Flat Fee. If we don't, we will give your Flat Fee back to you.

Benefit to You

By "benefit" we are referring to one of three things:

  1. reimbursement of your Flat Fee from the court as a result of our prevailing in defending the debt collection case,
  2. reduction of the debt (subject to the lawsuit) in an amount equal to or greater than the Flat Fee, or
  3. affirmative damages awarded/negotiated for you from a potential unlawful debt collection or credit reporting case in an amount equal to or greater than the Flat Fee.

In short, if LeavenLaw does not ultimately obtain at least your flat-fee paid (i.e., $395.00, $595.00 or $895.00) in benefit for you from our debt collection lawsuit defense representation, we will refund your Flat Fee to you.[1]

Now, given LeavenLaw's Reasonable Flat Fee, Value-Back Guarantee, the question is not whether you can afford to hire a lawyer, but rather can you afford not to? Hire a lawyer with confidence: a LeavenLaw lawyer.

[1] LeavenLaw represents its clients in accordance with a written engagement letter, as encouraged by the Florida Bar. The specific scope and details of LeavenLaw's debt collection lawsuit defense representation shall be explained in greater detail in the Consumer Lawsuit Defense Engagement Letter. Please feel free to ask a LeavenLaw lawyer any questions that you have about our engagement – we are happy to answer any questions and want you to fully understand and feel comfortable with our representation.

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